A Photojournalist, Sports Photographer, Graphic Artist, and Film Maker By Passion

Franz Lopez

Franz Lopez started his quest of capturing the light
back when he was only 10, playing with computers then,
he was able to develop photo editing,
Graphic Art & Multimedia skills.

He then took upon a journey into Extreme Sports Photography
capturing momentous international events
of the 21st century.
having it as his main hobby
and one of his inspirations
in modern digital photography.

He started events photography in the near-end of 2007
being able to capture split seconds in time.

In early 2008 he was able to do photo-shoots
with the Top Celebrity Icons of the 21st century
of the Philippine Entertainment Industry.

in June 2008, he was able to found one of the first kinds
of young photographer’s club in the Philippines :
the Helios Project and team Halo|Gen.
Including the founding of
National Photojournalists of the Philippines
(a Photojournalism group around the country who
introduces the essence of news and current events
with impact through plain, minimalistic photographs.)

He then took upon a journey into photojournalism,
when he joined a role in the Government, being able
to travel around the Philippines, to inform the public
on the advocacy of the President and the council
for Early Childhood Care and Development.

On 2009, He Joined Young Photographers Philippines,
a non-profit organization composed of students,
young professionals, artists and media people
whose main objective is to pursue
their Passion for Photography
and to mold the next generation
of Filipino photographers.

together, they envision every Professional
and Amateur Photographers members
as competent, responsible members
of society whose beliefs are rooted in Spiritual values.

Today, he shares with us his Medium.
The Creativity and Passion for the Arts
with a soul, a spirit.

From his learnings, to his experiences,
he uses this as his fuel to amplify and motivate his Passion.
His Logistical Interactivity to move forward,
Widen and Broaden his knowledge and by far,
his greatest achievement.


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