Year Ender

2012 might not have been a photography year for me but understanding the importance of creating art left an impact in my life. Without it, I don’t think I would be passionate about anything. Life without art is not worth living.

As 2012 reached its end, I realized that art is all about the improvement of skills and development of craft. You only become a true “Master” after you understand the essence of your craft. Influencing and inspiring others is just a satisfying afterthought.

Creating something from your own hands is worth the effort. You learn and make mistakes. You think and take the risks. You understand.

My life evolved into a new realm. I realized that taking photos is a process. By capturing the essence of a subject’s soul, we amplify it into an artistic medium that can be realized by all. It is the outburst of emotions we feel afterwards that makes us human. It is a tool.

On occasions we may forget, we have images that make us remember.

It’s not how big or small the photograph is nor how beautiful or ugly the subject is. It’s the story behind it that makes it precious.

This year turned out better than what I have expected. Here are the reasons why:

Happy New Year!

Leaving you with a song from M38, Enjoy!

Maria Ressa at the Social Good Summit 2012

Maria Ressa at her book launch “From Bin Laden to Facebook”

PCDSPO Secretary Ricky Carandang at Social Good Summit 2012

Francis “Kiko” Lucena of Team Real Pinoy, 2006 World Cup Asia Champion

Maika Lopez at her Studio Pictorial

A tribal dancer from Dinagyang Festival

A deaf child at “Children with Disabilities Camp 2012”

A teacher at “Children with Disabilities Camp 2012”

Earth Hour 2012 Seconds before ceremonial “Shut-Off”

Earth hour founder and Philippine counterpart at the 2012 Earth Hour festivities.

A church during Visita Iglesia in the Philippines

Holy Angel University Main Building, Angeles Pampanga

Tide / Edit IDEAS EP launch

Robert Alejandro, Asian of the Year awardee, explains his passion during PHL360

An old boat on the shores of Sta. Ana Cagayan

Ron Cruz and Chichi Bacolod during PHL360, El Nido, Palawan Leg

A Philippine Eagle at a private residence in Baler, Aurora

Chinese Charms from China Town, Manila


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